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ISSN: 0134-3289
E-ISSN: 2617-8060
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Publication language of Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Language (Azərbaycan Məktəbi) is English from 2020 publication year.
Manuscripts can be submitted in English. The submitted manuscript must respect the rules of grammar and related scientific literature.
After acceptance of the manuscript, the final copy must be submitted in both languages. The final copies submitted are checked by the Journal's linguistic editors (English). Language editors can request proofreading in case of shortcomings. Proofreading must be carried out by one of the accredited linguistic institutions proposed below. The author (s) are responsible for the delivery of the items.
  • History
Publication language of the Journal was different 
Since 1924 - to 1930 in Azerbaijani but arabic alphabet.
Since 1930 - to 1940 in Azerbaijani but in Latin alphabet
Since 1941 - to 1991 in Azerbaijani and Russian in Russian Alphabet Kirill
Since 1991 - to 2019 in Azerbaijani, Russian, Turkish and English in Latin-Roman alphabet and Russian Kiril alphabet
Since 2020 in English