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Journal History

Full Title in originalAzarbaijan MaktabiAzərbaycan məktəbi
Full title in EnglishAzerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies

The First Issue

The First 
Editor in Chief
Mustafa Guliyev

The Importance of the Journal
The Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies (AJES) that is to say "Azarbaijan Maktabi" has come a long way and has provided great services in the advancement of national schools and educational sciences. In today's independent Azerbaijan, the Journal has played a historic role in the development of education in Azerbaijan, pedagogical sciences, as well as in the dissemination of ideas from progressive Russian and European educators, as well as ideas of educators, thinkers, from Azerbaijani popular pedagogy. The educational theories published in the pages of the journal, the articles on school history and educational thought, school science, family education, pre-school education and teaching methodology play an important role in the good functioning of educational staff. The vast majority of intellectuals who have worked in the educational sciences since the second half of the last century have benefited of this Journal. If we look at the historical path of the Review, we can see that several valuable articles showing the general characteristics of school education in Azerbaijan in the Middle Ages, as well as articles on secular educational institutions in Azerbaijan, their structure, the historical role of these schools and the educational relationships of the Russian-Azerbaijani and Transcaucasian peoples have been published. Aspects of teacher training in Azerbaijan have also been mentioned in these articles.

Historical names of the Journal
  1924 - 1930 years the name of the Journal was New School ("Yeni məktəb")
  1930 - 1943 years the name of the Journal was Help to the teacher ("Muəllimə kömək")
  From 1943 since present Journal is published as Azerbaijan mektebi, that is to say, Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies.
 This review was published under the title of The New School ("Yeni maktab") in 1924-1930 and the title became Support for the Teacher in 1930-1941. Since 1943, it has operated under the name of the Azerbaijani school. Covering the educational content, the New School was launched in April 1924 (the editor was Mustafa Guliyev).
 The "Azerbaijan Maktabi", legal successor to its predecessors and to all of the above-mentioned educational publications, has a long history and has provided historical services in the development of national schools and educational sciences. The theory of pedagogy published in the pages of the journal, articles on school history and pedagogy, school studies, family education, pre-school education as well as teaching methods have become the documentary resources of teachers and educators [Ahmadov H. 2014, "Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies"].
 The journal has played an important role in the training of all young people engaged in the field of educational sciences from the second half of the last century to the present day, and of the majority of academics and thinkers who are now known as educators in the society.
 The historical services of the AJES can be classified in several ways:
 • The first and most important aspect is that following the articles published in the pages of this article which led to increasing the scientific, pedagogical and methodological training of our teachers, during the first decades of general primary education compulsory, then 7- compulsory general education of one year and eight years has been implemented in the country. It has become an important achievement in the life of the Azerbaijani people.
 • The second historical service of the journal is the publication of articles relating to the fact that our schools continued to operate in 1941-1945. The articles of our intellectuals, in particular the articles of Samad Vurgun, instilled in young people a sense of patriotism.
 Articles published in the post-war years at the AJES played a special role in the promotion and implementation of the law on “strengthening the relationship between school and real life and the 'improvement of public education in the country' in order to popularize public education activities among the masses and state decisions concerning school education and youth. The articles published in the 1980s on the implementation of school reform, commissioned by national leader Heydar Aliyev, are evaluated as the manifestation of his concern for public education.
Editors-in-chief of the Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies
 The first editor-in-chief of the journal was Mustafa Guliyev (1924-1928). In addition to being the first people's education commissioner, Mustafa Guliyev was the founder of the first pedagogical technical schools in Azerbaijan. The editor-in-chief of the journal in 1928-1929 was Abbas Sultanov; Gilinjinsky in 1930; Mikayil Rahimli in 1932; Panah Gasimov in 1935-1936; Ismayil Gasimov in 1937-1940; Rustam Huseynov at the end of 1940; Lalazar Mustafayeva in 1941; A.M.Gafarli in 1947; Rustam Huseynov in 1948-1963; Akbar Mirzayev in 1963-1974; Ajdar Agayev in 1974-1981; Zahra Aliyeva in 1981-2006 and Najaf Najafov in 2006-2018. The current editor-in-chief of the journal is Rahil Najaf
Famous scientists: 
 The "Azerbaijani Journal of Educational Studies" was also of great help in raising a group of teacher-scientists in the country. Today, scientists working in the field of the history of pedagogy in Azerbaijan, general pedagogy, psychology and methodology of teaching different subjects have benefited from the “Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies ". From the World: Yuri Babanski, Artur Petrovski, Mirza Makhmudov, Viladimir Adoratskiy, Valeriy Alekseyev, Aleksey Bodalyov, Ivan Kairov, Daniel Elkonin, Alexander Kotalikov, Pyotr Fridolin, Boris Komravski, Pavel Yakobson, Mikhail Abramov, Aleksey Amossov, Leb Itelson, Nadejda Krupskaya, Alexander Makovelski, Shalva Amonashvili; From Azerbaijan:  Bakir Chobanzadeh, Mohammad Said Ordubadi, Abdulla Shaig, Taghi Shahbazi Simurg, Uzeyir Hacıbeyov, Mirze Ibrahimov, Memmed Arif, Memməd Jafar, Eshref Huseynov, Samed Vurghun, Memmedagha Shireliyev, Ebdulezel Demirchizadeh, Abasgulu Abbaszade, Magsud Javadov, Jumshud Zulfugarli, Mehdi Mehdizade, Ehmed Seyidov, Aghammed Abdullayev, Feyzulla Gasımzade, Hemid Araslı, Ekber Bayramov, Budaq Budagov, Merdan Muradkhanov, Bəshir Ehmedov, Yusif Talibov, Eliheydər Heshimov, Ejder Aghayev, Ebdul Elizadeh, Huseyn Ehmedov, Nureddin Kazimov, Yehya Kerimov and others.
The role of the journal  of the Azerbaijan School  in the history of social-pedagogical thought
 Along with the progressive ideas of the world and Russian classical educators and prominent enlighteners of the USSR people in the journal of the Azerbaijan School, the articles of the Azerbaijani scientists like M. Muradkhanov, A. Seyidov, A. Abbaszade, B.B.Komarovski, A. Zakuzade, A. Hashimov, A. Tagiyev, M. Maharramov, Y. Karimov, Z. Garalov, I. Mollayev, A. Karabakhly, A. Tagiyev, S.Mikayilov, I.Jabrayilov, O.Hasanli, R.Huseynzade, M.Ilyasov, F.Rustamov, H.Bayramoglu, V.Khalilov and  psychologists like A.Bayramov, A.Alizade, R.Aliyev and many others played a significant role in the journal [Ahmadov H. 2017, pp.27-35; Mamedova E. 2019]. The great impact of the strong pedagogical legacy of K.D.Ushinsky, who is known as the father of the  Russian pedagogy, in the publication of new methodological textbooks in the native language and teacher trainings, and the pedagogical thoughts in Azerbaijan is undeniable. The journal of the AJES  always respected Ushinsky's legacy and regularly promoted his pedagogical ideas.Along with the pedagogical views of Ushinsky, numerous articles on their educational and upbringing ideas of an innovator and educator A.S.Makarenko, Lunacharski, well-known educator Shatsky, Sukhomlinsky and  the prominent statesman M.I.Kalinin were published in the journal. The journal played a significant role in conveying the valuable ideas of N.K.Krupskaya, one of the organizers and founders of the Soviet school, about the creation and development of pedagogical science, his didactic opinions, pedagogical heritage related to school life, polytechnic training, personality and collective issues. 
 The solution of a number of important problems of pedagogical science, especially raising and upbringing a person, personality and the collective, re-education and such kind of issues are very much related to the pedagogical legacy of A.S.Makarenko. Azerbaijani readers were acquainted with the pedagogical legacy of Makarenko, who entered the history of pedagogical thought as an educator, for the first time in the journal of the Azerbaijan School. We can find Makarenko's articles in the journal even in the pre-Great Patriotic War. Dozens of articles published in the journal from the 1940s to the present day, devoted to the inexhaustible and valuable pedagogical ideas of the great Soviet educator, have equipped Azerbaijani teachers with many important theoretical issues of pedagogy and greatly assisted in school practice, and benefited the education of young people.
 The interest in the pedagogical legacy of A.S. Makarenko grew further and the articles and works showing the most effective ways to use this heritage in Azerbaijani schools appeared. The first successful step in this area belongs to Professor Mardan Muradkhanov.
 The journal publishes periodic articles on various problems of the history of school and pedagogical thinking in Azerbaijan that can be considered as an important service of the journal of AJES, which we are going to celebrate its anniversary soon. It should be noted that by means of this journal, Azerbaijani readers were introduced with the history of development of Azerbaijani school and pedagogical thinking for the first time. We have already read the articles on the several current problems of the pedagogical thought and school which is an inseparable part of the rich cultural history of our people. The journal has a deep respect for our cultural heritage and the way school is developed, thus it is appreciated respectfully by readers.
 The articles published on cultural heritage of our people, can be mainly divided into three groups:
 •    The articles devoted to the history of pre-revolutionary Azerbaijani schools;•    The articles reflecting the ideas of prominent representatives of scientific and pedagogical thought;•    The articles highlighting the history of the Soviet school, the way of its development and its great success.There are a lot of valuable articles reflecting the general character of schooling in Azerbaijan in the Middle Ages, on secular education institutions established in our country, their structure, the historical role of these schools, Russian-Azerbaijani pedagogical relations, pedagogical relations of the Trans-Caucasian peoples, and many aspects of teacher training in the past numbers of the journal.
 This is an indisputable fact, starting with Azerbaijani folk pedagogics, from great Nizami to our national poet Samad Vurgun, the life and activity and the pedagogical ideas of hundreds of thinkers, educators, enlighteners, school-teachers, methodologists, and many intellectuals were published for the first time in the pages of this journal.
 The readers were introduced with self-sacrificing struggles about the progress of public education and the ideas of education and upbringing issues of Abbasgulu Agha Bakikhanov, Mirza Shafi Vazeh, Mirza Fatali Akhundov, Hasan bay Zardabi, Seyid Azim Shirvani, Alexander O. Chernyayevski, Jalil Mammadguluzadeh, Firudin Kocharli, Rufat Efendiyev, Nariman Narimanov, Sultan Majid Ganizadeh, Hasan bey Mahmudbayov, Memmed Taghi Sidgi, Suleiman Akhundov, Mirza Alakbar Sabir, Abdullah Shaig, Uzeyir Hajibeyov and many other thinkers who are the rare pearls of our history of pedagogical thought.
 Several articles written by Azerbaijani historians A.Ye.Seyidov, A.Hashimov, Amir Tagiyev, Ayub Tagiyev, I.Mollayev, D.Mustafayeva, N.Rafibayli, and also, one of the active correspondents of the journal, a methodist and journalist M.Aslanov, literary critics A.Bagirov, M.Sultanov, Kh.Mamedov, methodist-professor A.Abdullayeva, including the author of these lines were dedicated to spreading the legacy of Azerbaijani education and its educators.
 One of the most important services of the Azerbaijan School is publishing the articles on women's freedom and women's education. As it is known, a large group of Azerbaijani educators, including M.F.Akhundov, Hasan bey Zardabi, the graduates of Gori Seminary Firidun bey Kocharli, Rashidbey Efendiyev, Nariman Narimanov and many others were struggling with the women's education for many years. The articles published in the AJES significantly affected the realization of their dreams. The Azerbaijani woman, who had a desire for elementary education at that time, not only studies but also teaches now. Today, an Azerbaijani woman works in a leadership position in our country and is guarding our statehood. The article "Why it is necessary to pay attention to the chest of school-age children", published by N. Narimanov in Astrakhan in Russian, but which was unknown to readers, was translated into the Azerbaijani language and published in the journal of the AJES.
 The journal of the AJES which has taken its source from the first initiatives, ideas and steps taken in this area and become the successor of our pedagogical press, which is more than a hundred years old, and provided significant services in the development of public education and pedagogical sciences, takes one of the most important places among the journals recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Currently, under the direct supervision of the editor-in-chief of the journal, serious measures are being taken to include this pedagogical media body in the list of reputable internationally recognized scientific journals.
 I would like to take this opportunity to express some of my recommendations which are related to the pedagogical criticism. Today, there is little or no criticism in the Azerbaijani pedagogical press. I would like to see the articles on scientific and pedagogical criticism in the pages of the journal. The mistakes and distortions related to national schooling, education, and training that I have come across in several sources, cause for concerns. These mistakes are found in major works, in newspapers and journals, and even in candidate and doctoral dissertations, which are the result of serious research work. Today, the journal of AJES plays an important role in the implementation of successful implementation of public enlightenment, education and science development strategies in our independent, sovereign republic, and contributes to the integration of school education in Europe.
 It is true that, along with our national education, we cannot present our national identity in the process of integrating into the world education system without learning the specific features of our national pedagogical press both in terms of history and modernity.
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