Azerbaijani Journal of Educational Studies

Aims & Scope

Aims and Scopes

The magazine "Teaching of Azerbaijani language and literature" is published quarterly as a supplement to the "Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies".

  Journal intends to:

   ̶  present the methodology of teaching the Azerbaijani language and literature in accordance with modern scientific standards;

   ̶  study the issues of research in linguistics and literary criticism, to analyze experiences (such as scientific research);

   ̶  provide activity in accordance with the tendency of innovations and modern development in the educational system;

   ̶  publish articles summarizing the work experience of advanced teachers;

   ̶  publish articles involving commentaries on scientific-theoretical issues of the Azerbaijani language and literature.

The journal of "Teaching of Azerbaijani language and literature" is indexed on WorldCat, Library of Congress, University of Texas Libraries,,

 Covering areas (or Scopes): Methodology of Azerbaijani language and literature, Linguistics and literary criticism, Dialectology, Turkish language and literature, Azerbaijani language and literature textbooks.

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