Azerbaijani Journal of Educational Studies

Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics

The publication process in the journal of Preschool and Primary Education(PPEis the basis for objective and respectful dissemination of information. Consequently, this process improves the quality of the research system.

Peer-reviewed studies are those that support and materialize the scientific method. At this stage, it is imperative that all parties involved in the publication process (authors, readers and researchers, publishers, reviewers, and editors) adhere to ethical standards. PPE expects all parties to fulfill the following ethical responsibilities.

Authors who submit their manuscripts to PPE must comply with the following ethical responsibility:

- Author (s) must submit original research to the journal. If they use other research materials, they must make the in-text and end-text references validly and completely. 

- People who did not participate in the research on an intellectual level should not be credited as the author. If the manuscripts submitted to be published should not be subject to conflicting interests or relations.

- The author (s) must document that they have the consent of the participants and the necessary permissions related to the sharing and research/analysis of the data used.

- The author (s) are responsible for informing the journal editor or publisher if they discover an error in their research which is in the process of early release or publication and for cooperating with the editors during the correction or withdrawal process.

- A study published in another journal cannot be submitted to the journal of PPE. 

- It is not ethical to add an author, reorder author names to the submitted study while the review process.

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