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DOI: 10.32906
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Aims & Scope

The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, quarterly, publishes Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies (AJES). 
 It is academic, open access, international peer-reviewed journal.
 Journal intends to:
 — Achieve the progress of an educational, academic and technical system;
 — Provide a holistic outlook on the educational ecosystem;
 — Serve the purpose of popularizing scholarly and scientific researches;
 — Prioritize more qualified school practices (serve as a bridge between theory and practice);
 — Analyze the fundamental problems and practices in academic activities (like scientific and scholarly studies); 
 — Research on how to integrate technology into learning
 — Introduce studies that help those actively teaching and other professionals with improving their skills and educational strategies;
 — Submit works that have conduct meta-analysis, content analysis, profile analysis and studies that have included large research groups or samples;
 — Present any type of study that may affect the individual, educational and social development and career planning of students at pre-school, primary, secondary education and high school levels;
 — Theoretically, develop and evaluate a new educational model; 
 In general, AJES includes educational philosophy and theory of education, educational psychology, educational history, educational policy and technology, curriculum studies, educational technology systems, educational technology, learning and teaching, pedagogies, sociology of education, teacher education, testing and monitoring.

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