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Publishing regulations for an indexed scientific journal

04 May 2020, Monday
Volume 690, Issue 1, 2020 
Misir Mardanov - Prof. Dr., Corresponding member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), Editor-in-chief of "Proceedings of Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics" International Academic Journal, Director of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of ANAS.
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Aynur Hasanova - Senior scientific researcher of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, PhD in mathematics.
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In each country, scientific journals play an important role in delivering scientific and technological achievements, results and methods of scientific research to the public. It is scientific journals, which makes possible to analyze and evaluate scientific and technological innovations. The presence of one or more reputable scientific journals of any scientific organization indicates that this organization has a high scientific potential. In order to achieve even greater success in this important area, it is necessary to raise the level of journals produced by research institutes and universities, and try to integrate them into the world's prestigious databases. Researches shows that the editorial boards of scientific journals in many universities and research institutes of our country still do not have much information about what steps should be taken and what procedures have to be followed. Taking these into account, this paper presents the requirements for modern scientific journals around the world, and how to produce scientific journals in line with international standards. The article provides the basic criteria how to integrate scientific journals into the international databases such as Web of Science and Scopus, the procedures of submitting the journals into those databases, the scientific content of the journal, the international author and editorial board, the basic publishing standards, the requirements for electronic journals, recommendations about the journal’s website, suggestions to increase journal’s citation rates are widely described.

Keywords: Prestigious scientific journals, e-journals, publishing standards, journal scientific content, journal website, citation indexes, scientific bases, Web of Science, Scopus, indexing.
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