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» » The Comparison of Work Values of Social Media Generations in terms of Giving Importance to Work and Obeying the Rules in Turkey

The Comparison of Work Values of Social Media Generations in terms of Giving Importance to Work and Obeying the Rules in Turkey

04 May 2020, Monday
Volume 690, Issue 1, 2020 
Aylin Tutgun Unal - Uskudar University, Faculty of Communication, Department of New Media and Journalism, Turkey.
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Levent Deniz -  Marmara University, Atatürk Faculty of Education, Department of Educational Sciences, Turkey.
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Social media networks not only affect every aspects of individuals’ life but also affect and change the way of working. The immense power of social media networks has caused changes on the perceptions of working life of individuals inevitably. It is important to understand the possible differences of social media generations' work values and behaviors toward working life to monitor the social developments or changes. This research is also expected to contribute some evidences to the discussion of the transformation of work values by means of social media networks. Thus the main of this research is to investigate the work life values of social media generations: Baby Boomers, Generations X, Y, and Z. The research was carried out in a general survey model and the sample of the research consisted of 516 individuals of different social media generations. The ‘work life scale’ which has two sub-scales named as “giving importance to work’ and ‘obeying the rules’ developed by Deniz & Tutgun-Ünal (2019a) was use to collect main data.  Some of the major results are as follows: (a) Generation Z that hasn’t worked yet was found to be conventional in ‘obeying the rules’; (b) Generation X was found to be far from conventional values in ‘giving importance to work’; (c) Females were found to be more conventional than males and prefer to obey the rules. (d) The individuals using social media ‘4 hours and above’ in daily basis were found to be moving away from conventional values toward work life. In another word they do not like work rules. (e) Generation Y that hasn’t worked yet found to be moderately close to conventional values whereas the ones working in generation Y found to be far from conventional work values; (f) Public workers were found to be closer to conventional work values and higher in acceptance of obeying the rules than private sector workers. 

Keywords: Social media, Generations, X, Y, Z, Baby Boomer, Work Values, Work Life
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