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» » “Mom, I am scared!” (Fears of children: Premier help of parents)

“Mom, I am scared!” (Fears of children: Premier help of parents)

13 March 2020, Friday
Volume 229, Issue 4, 2019
Alla Buchkova - Associate professor, department of political science and sociology, Russian University of Economics G.V. Plekhanov, the candidate of sociological sciences. 

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The article discusses the fears of children and ways how to overcome this problem, and also the article reveals the character of these fears and parents reaction to this situation. It analyses the emergence of children's fear related to the nature of age and the concept of parents' behaviour on how to deal with them. Notwithstanding that the fear is the negative and unpleasant emotion, it has a number of positive impact facts. It mobilizes our body, helps us remember the dangerous and adverse events, and thus avoid them in the future. In addition, fear arises when information is scarce and thus increases our activities to avoid uncertainty hereafter. The author provides many useful tips for parents on how to deal with the fears of the child.

Keywords: Small children, fear, childhood fears, intensity of fear, emotion of fear, support of parents.
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