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» » Elementary school as a part of life ways of the blind child

Elementary school as a part of life ways of the blind child

13 March 2020, Friday
Volume 229, Issue 4, 2019
Vira Remajevskaya - Director of the Levenya Training and Rehabilitation Center, Lviv, Ukraine, PhD, Associate Professor.

Received: Oct. 11, 2019;       Accepted: Oct. 22, 2019

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The article highlights three aspects of admission a child with a visually impaired to primary schools: the conditions that are necessary for the successful entry of a child with a visual impairment into school; specific activities of inclusive resource center staff in the context of enrolling a child with visual impairment in primary school; the behaviour of a visually impaired child in games, communication, learning, and its impact on the interaction of children in the classroom. The article also discusses the factors that are essential for successful admission to school - the co-operation of parents with school teachers, and the desire of teachers to understand the excluding situation of the family of a child with sight problems;
the importance of their attentiveness and courtesy in communicating with the child's parents. Some specific topics for how a child with sight problems behaves in an unknown environment and how they interact with it are also discussed in the article. At the same time, it was analyzed how to create an effective, comfortable learning environment for both blind and visually impaired children and the benefits of a successful child enrolling in a school with full of communication circumstances and interacting with others.

Keywords: inclusion, visually impaired children, primary school, blind child, Training and Rehabilitation Center, Ukraine.
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