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» » Preschool and Primary Education / 2019 №4

Preschool and Primary Education / 2019 №4

13 March 2020, Friday
Characteristics of organizing the educational process in preschool educational institutions 
DOI - Jafarova; pp.10-18

Traditional and interactive teaching methods – advantages and disadvantages: comparative analysis
DOI - | Ismet Mammadova, Gunay Hasanova; pp.19-28

Scientific and theoretical bases of formation of moral qualities of schoolchildren
DOI - | Namig Jafarov; pp.29-36

The ways presented by early childhood language and speech development institute 
DOI - | Sharafat Bakhishova; pp.37-46

Transformation of education system supported by the government Integrity (whole) and fuzzy education model 
DOI - | Fatmakhanim Bunyatova, Yulia Karimova; pp.47-64

Methodological bases of training spiritual and moral culture of elementary school students during the game activities 
DOI - Muradova; pp.65-74

The importance of the lessons about the right profession choice in primary schools 
DOI - | Vafa Mammadovа; pp.75-84

Pedagogical and psychological essences conditioning the intellectual development of preschool children 
DOI - Musaeva; pp.85-94

The role of teacher-child communication in the effectiveness of educational activities 
DOI - Imanova; pp.95-102

Elementary school as a part of life ways of the blind child 
DOI - Remajevskaya; pp.103-120

Autism and its history of research 
DOI - Karimova; pp.121-127

Preschool education in the United State of America 
DOI - Hamidova; pp.128-136

The pre-school education, and development of the knowledge of children’s gender attitude 
DOI - Chengiz; pp.137-149

The role of the families in the use of modern technology by preschool-aged children 
DOI - | Nigar Ismailova; pp.150-155

“Mom, I am scared!” (Fears of children: Premier help of parents) 
DOI - Buchkova; pp.156-164

1920-1931, the Development of Curriculum for Elementary Schools in Azerbaijan 
DOI - Mammadova; pp.165-172

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