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» » Predictability, modality, intonation in the proverbs and parables in «Diwan Lughat al-Turk»

Predictability, modality, intonation in the proverbs and parables in «Diwan Lughat al-Turk»

14 February 2020, Friday
Volume 261-262, Issue 3-4, 2019
Ramil Zeynalov - Sumgait State University, doctoral student, the director of secondary school in Karimbeyli village of Salyan region. E-mail: ramilzeynalov1982@gmail.com

Received: Oct. 09, 2019;       Accepted: Nov. 25, 2019

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/edu.63 | Full-Text PDF 

The words of ancestors in Mahmud Kashgari’s work «Diwan Lughat al-Turk» and used sentences in the examples Predictability, Modality, Intonation. The unity of integrity, predictability, modality and intonation provide the expression of idea of words and word combinations with making the sentences. If there is not any predictability the sentence could lose the expression of a certain opinion. For predictability time frames, modality and endings of person verbs are very important. Predictability increases for its ancient meaning. Predicationalism is accompanied by intonation. A second important sign in completing predictability – there is a special intonation in the sentence. In the formation of the sentence and in the process of
communication intonation plays an important role. Predictability with intonation being in united usually is used together, with the help of intonation, we can express different semantic meanings, and differences. With the help of intonation, we can give our minds any size, shape, and semantic color.

Keywords: M.Kashgari, Azerbaijan language, Turkish language, predictability, intonation, modality.
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