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Teaching issues of Azerbaijan dialectology

14 February 2020, Friday
Volume 261-262, Issue 3-4, 2019
Nuray Aliyeva - PhD in philology, associate professor, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Nakhchivan section, Institute of Art, Language and Literature. E-mail:

Received: Oct. 17, 2019;       Accepted: Nov. 20, 2019


Teaching Azerbaijani dialectology is important for learning the history of our language and its interdisciplinary between languages. One of the issues that should be considered essential in the process of teaching dialectology is the classification of dialects and accents. The basis of grouping the dialects of our language was founded by the academician M. Shiraliyev. For the first time, he organized our dialects and accents on the basis of historical and geographical principles. The article describes the textbook and textbook used in the teaching process of dialectology.

Keywords: Dialectology, accent, dictionary composition, dialectological practice, comparative-historical method, dialect vocabulary.

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