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Aims and Scope

01 February 2020, Saturday
Aims and Scope
The magazine "Preschool and primary education" is published quarterly as a supplement to the "Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies".
 Journal intends to:
 - articles that contribute to the formation of modern pedagogical thinking, improve the quality of teaching, improve the professionalism of      teachers and educators;
 - scientific-theoretical articles, research works in the field of preschool and primary education, research materials that integrate national and foreign experience in practical and theoretical terms, combining the requirements of modern times;
 - articles containing the scientific and methodological analysis on the training of the pedagogical experience of educators and teachers, psychologists and defectologists;
 - articles reflecting the promotion of modern learning technologies,  innovative pedagogical methods, more on, it studies pedagogical and psychological aspects of family-school, teacher-student, educator-child relations;
  - newly published works of Azerbaijan and the world authors in the field of pedagogical sciences.

Covering areas (or Scopes):  Pedagogy, Methodology, Pedagogical psychology, Defectology, International experience, History of education, New publications, Family and school.

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