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ISSN: 0134-3289
E-ISSN: 2617-8060
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Journal Information

01 February 2020, Saturday
İSSN 0206-4340
E-İSSN 2617-8060
The journal of “Azerbaijan language and Literature Studies” affiliated to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan is published four times a year as a supplement edition to the journal of "Azerbaycan Maktabi".

History of the journal

The early fifties, the pedagogical knowledge on literature and language and the articles on problems in this area were published in relevant books and brochures, newspapers and literary journals, so there was a big demand on publishing a journal specialised on this direction. By the decision of the Ministry of Education of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Azerbaijan, the publication of journal "Azerbaijani language and literature" has been issued as a supplement edition to the journal of "Azerbaijan Maktabi"(Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies).The first issue of the journal was published on June 15, 1954. It was brought out for many years as a methodical supplement to "Azerbaijan Maktabi". In 1990-1996, the journal was published under the title "Ana Sozu"(Mother Word). The journal was retitled with the initial name on April 2, 1997. 
The Azerbaijani language and literature journal, which is one of the supplement edition of "Azerbaijan Maktabi", has always been differentiated from the other supplement editions due to its subject area, its volume and its contents.
Currently, the journal "Azerbaijani language and Literature Studies" is also a scientific-methodical press body of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

     Categories of journal
  • «Linguistics and literary studies»
  • «Methods: Practice and theory»
  • «A literary environment»
  • «The World  folklore»
  • «Scientists» 
  • «General education,  specialized secondary education  and higher education: Teaching methods and work experience»
  • «Moral values»
  • «New publications»
  • «About  the history of language textbooks»
  • «Help  self-education»
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