Azerbaijan journal of Educational studies

ISSN: 0134-3289
E-ISSN: 2617-8060

Aims and Scope

23 January 2020, Thursday
The journal "Teaching Azerbaijani language and literature" explores the problems of teaching, promoting and researching Azerbaijani language and literature in all institutions of the Ministry of Education, as well as in non-governmental institutions. It serves to preserve the purity and originality of our language in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution of the Republic. It illuminates directions of educational reforms in the field of Azerbaijani language and literature in accordance with Education Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In the journal, the articles about scientific meetings, open lessons, conferences, etc. on the development of our literary language and literature are widely featured. The journal publishes the articles of linguistic scholars, philologists, methodologists, teachers of higher and secondary schools.
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