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» » Tabriz enlightenment and Azerbaijani pedagogical press / 2019 №3

Tabriz enlightenment and Azerbaijani pedagogical press / 2019 №3

19 December 2019, Thursday
Elnara Mammadova 
Doctor of Philosophy in Pedagogy, Doctor of Science at the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University. E-mail: elnare_mammadova@yahoo.com

The article discusses Tabriz educational enlightenment that influenced on Azerbaijani pedagogical concept and also the Tabriz environment, the leading force in South Azerbaijan's education, which plays an important role in the formation and development of Azerbaijani pedagogical thinking. The establishment of Tabriz madrassa in 1280 is not a coincidence. In the first half of the 20th century, Northern Azerbaijan had a positive impact on the education of Tabriz. In the period of Shah, the enlightenment process in Tabriz was in a miserable state. In the works and activities of Azerbaijani pedagogues, as well as, in the pedagogical press, especially in "Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies", it was emphasized the problems in Tabriz education and shined the information on their educational system, schools and madrassas.

Keywords: Educational history, pedagogical thoughts, nationalization of education.
To cite this article: Mammadova E. (2019) Tabriz enlightenment and Azerbaijani pedagogical press. Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies. Vol. 688, Issue III, pp. 151–159.
Article history: Received — 04.05.2019; Accepted — 08.07.2019
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