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» » Problems and prospects of postgraduate education in Russia, Finland and Azerbaijan

Problems and prospects of postgraduate education in Russia, Finland and Azerbaijan

19 December 2019, Thursday
Volume 688, Issue 3, 2019
E.A.Sidenko – Editor-in-chief «Municipal education: innovation and experiment», Moscow, Russia. E-mail:
A.S. Sidenko – Editor-in-chief «Innovative projects and programs in education», Moscow, Russia. E-mail:,
А.V. Zelenin – Doctor of Philosophy, Tampere University, Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences, University Lectuter, Тampere, Finland. E-mail:
H.H. Ahmadov – Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, Head of Scientific Pedagogical Staff Training Department of the Institute of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan. E-mail:

Received: Aug. 07, 2019;       Accepted: Sep. 11, 2019

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The article provides an overview of modern research on the quality of training of scientific personnel in Russia, Finland and Azerbaijan. It analyzes the quantitative indicators of postgraduate students including dissertation defense. The article also illustrates the current problems in the field of postgraduate education. The authors identify a tendency in postgraduate education, highlight statistics on the characteristics of postgraduate education in their countries and emphasize that the training of young scientists is one of the main priorities of the state. The methodological basis of the work consists of the researches of Russian, Finnish, Azerbaijani scientists in the realm of postgraduate education. The method of the study is the critical analysis of research works. The authors analyze studies presenting various approaches to solving problems proposed in modern times in postgraduate education. The scientific innovation of the work is to identify common tendency and differences in the implementation of postgraduate education in Russia, Finland and Azerbaijan. The significance of this practice is the holistic and integrated approach to the implementation of the state order in the line of postgraduate education and training of scientific and pedagogical personnel in postgraduate school.

Keywords: Postgraduate studies, research activities, quantitative and qualitative indicators of scientific staff training, systematic approach, postgraduate student, doctoral student.

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Sidenko E.A., Sidenko A.S., Zelenin А. V., AhmadovH.H.(2019) Problems and prospects of postgraduate education in Russia, Finland and Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies. Vol. 688, Issue III, pp. 87–110.
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