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» » №3/688, 2019 - Azarbaijan Maktabi

№3/688, 2019 - Azarbaijan Maktabi

19 December 2019, Thursday
1. Title: A Systematic Review: Relationship between Teacher’s Professional Development and Students' Academic Achievement
DOI - | Oluwaseyi O. Sodiya, Abuhayat Guliyeva; pp.11-22

2. Title: Challenges and New perspectives of Teacher Training in Azerbaijan: Assessment of pedagogical activities of English language Teachers
DOI - | Farida Huseynova; pp.23-36

3. Title: Inclusive Education Reform/s in Azerbaijan: An Attempt at Critical Policy Analysis
DOI - | Ulviyya Mikayilova; pp.37-48

4. Title: The stimulating and obstructing factors for the application of student-centered education in Azerbaijani schools
DOI - | Anar Khalafov; pp.49-58

5. Title: Comparative research to ameliorate conditions of the tertiary education (Ph.D.) in Azerbaijan
DOI - | Gunel Alasgarova; pp.59-74

6. Title: Determination of the appropriate training strategy in vocational schools: application of concept maps
DOI - | Gadir Gafarov; pp.75-86

7. Title: Problems and prospects of postgraduate education in Russia, Finland and Azerbaijan 
DOI - E.A.Sidenko, A.S. Sidenko, А.V. Zelenin, H.H. Ahmadov; pp.87-110

8. Title: The contributions of Biology and Geography for environmental education of students 
DOI - | Tarana Abdullayeva, Vafa Suleymanova; pp.111-122

9. Title: Basic models and methods of distance learning 
DOI - | Turkan Alizade; pp.123-132

10. Title: The Importance of Teaching World Literature in Comprehensive Schools 
DOI - Asadov; pp.133-140

11. Title: Tabriz enlightenment and Azerbaijani pedagogical press  
DOI - | Elnara Mammadova; pp.141-149

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