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» » The role of scientometrics in the development of science

The role of scientometrics in the development of science

24 sentyabr 2019, Çərşənbə axşamı
Misir Mardanov, Prof. Dr., Corresponding member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), Editor-in-chief of "Proceedings of Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics" International Academic Journal, Director of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of ANAS. 
E-mail: misirmardanov@yahoo.com
Aynur Hasanova, Senior scientific researcher of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, PhD in mathematics. E-mail: aynur.hasanova73@yahoo.com

Abstract. Assessment of results of any activity in society has always been relevant. Establishing more reliable assessment mechanisms in the objective measurement of the quality of work appears as one of the key requirements of the period. It is now considered as an urgent problem to study the factors that affect the quality of performance and to evaluate them properly, to ensure that the path to development and the future strategy are clearly defined. It was possible to analyze the effectiveness of scientific activity among countries as a result of the formation of different assessment criteria. One of the key factors is the creation and functioning of scientific platforms, databases to transform scientometric data and scientific information into a tool for popularizing science. The access to authoritative scientific platforms will have a significant impact on the improvement of the information provision of scientific research activities, the increase of the number of scientific researches carried out in accordance with international standards, and the outcomes of the researches to the broader scientific circles and, ultimately, positively on the development of science and scientific activities in the country. Access to scientific bases will provide an opportunity to assess and compare the academic productivity levels of both researchers and researchers` worldwide. It should be noted that in recent years, the development of information technologies and the emergence of various scientific bases have led to the revival of science. As a result, scientometric indicators are widely used in the evaluation of scientific activity. In modern conditions such estimates have become an integral part of our scientific life. Considering this, the article presents extensive information on Web of Science, Scopus scientific platforms, scientometric databases of some developed countries, and scientometric indicators for evaluating scientific activity of journals and researchers. 

Keywords: Scientometrics, Clarivate Analytics, Web of Science, Scopus, citation index, scientometric indicators, indexing, impact factor, Hirsch index, quartile.
To cite this article: Mardanov M., Hasanova A. (2019) The role of scientometrics in the development of science. Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies. Vol. 687, Issue II, pp. 137–160.
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