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» » The Evaluation of Children’s Mental Health Problems: Children Deprived of Parental Care

The Evaluation of Children’s Mental Health Problems: Children Deprived of Parental Care

24 sentyabr 2019, Çərşənbə axşamı
Narmin Osmanli, Hacattepe University, Turkey.
E-mail: nermin_osmanli@hotmail.com
Maarif Mammadov, Osmangazi University, Eskishehir, Turkey.
E-mail: maarif.pdr@gmail.com
Anar Babayev, Khazar University, Baku, Azerbaijan.
E-mail: anar_musasoy@yahoo.com

Abstract. Children without parental care are at risk for physical, mental and social development. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the mental health of children deprived of their families and prepare proposals for the outcome. 27 (40.9%) of the children attending the study were girls and 39 (59.1%) were boys. The age range for children was 4-17 and the mean age was 10.2 ± 2.8. Azeri version of the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) was used to determine the behavioural and emotional problems of the students. As a result of descriptive analysis, 32.3% of the children were evaluated as abnormal according to the total difficulties score, 18.4% of the children had emotional symptoms, 43.9% had conduct problems, 28.8% hyperactivity/inattention, 42.4% had peer relationship problems and 7.6% were abnormal in the pro-social behaviour subtest. It was found that gender and age did not play a determining role in existing psychological problems (p> .05). Emotional and behavioral problems were higher in children who were live in foster houses for over 3 years (p <.05) compared with children who spend 1-3 years. As a result, these studies play an important role in evaluating the psychosocial development of children, as well as defining protective and risk factors, supporting mental development and improving the quality of life.

Keywords: Child development, parental deprivation, mental health, emotional and behavioural difficulties.
To cite this article: Osmanli N., Mammadov M., Babayev A. (2019) The Evaluation of Children’s Mental Health Problems: Children Deprived Of Parental Care. Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies. Vol. 687, Issue II, pp. 61–69.
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