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» » About theoretical issues of developmental training 2011 № 6

About theoretical issues of developmental training 2011 № 6

16 sentyabr 2019, Bazar ertəsi

Sharafat Bakhishova 
Social and economic changes of public life of our country have brought respective alterations in system of the preschool education, become multipurpose on the mission. As one of important directions in development of informative activity of preschool children creation of the conditions providing high-grade intellectual development of children, connected with formation of steady informative interests, skills of cogitative activity, qualities of mind, the creative initiative acts. 
In a century of new information technology operates on knowledge of the child and all education system should be constructed on idea that the child is a spontaneous, selfdefined being. 

Keywords: Developing training, preschool stage, cognitive activity, personality. 

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