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Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies

Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies is the academic indexed journal of the Minisrty of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan

About the Journal.
Azerbaijan Journalof Educational Studies - The scientific and theoretical, pedagogical journal of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In 1924-1930 it was called "New School", in 1930-1941 it was called "Helping a teacher" and since 1943 it has been published under the name of "Azerbaijani school" (Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies).
 Azerbaijan Journalof Educational Studies is the longest-running academic journal in our history of pedagogical press. The journal has played an important role in the development of education system over the past 95 years, improving the quality of teaching and learning, promoting advanced teaching methods and forms, disseminating best practices, introducing the ideas and ideas of prominent scholars, and scientific and pedagogical thinking.
The journal publishes articles about the current problems, philosophy and history of the scientific community, educators and psychologists. Since 2018, the magazine has launched new reforms based on the instruction of the Minister of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan Jeyhun Bayramov. Its design, article design and publication process are brought in line with the scientific standards adopted by the world's leading scientific journals, and the journal's website has been created. An electronic database of numbers published from 1924 to the present day has been created and archived on the site. Currently, the magazine's website is available to the international community in English. CiteFactor, Index Copernicus, has begun to be recognized and accepted by indexing agencies for electronic archives of scientific publications such as ResearchGate, DOAJ, Ideal Online, SOBIAD. At present, the Azerbaijan Journalof Educational Studies, which aims to apply the most up-to-date standards for accessing the Web of Sciencenne's giant science-based platform, plans to publish articles on current issues in our education, the study of best practices, and theoretical and conceptual issues of education.
As an international journal, the Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies publishes articles by many scholars from around the world.
The magazine was awarded the academic name Mehdi Mehdizade, which is included in the list of publications recommended for publication of main dissertations by the decision of the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

For the first time in the former Soviet republics, in addition to the journal "School of Azerbaijan" 8 methodical collections were published in different years. Some of those methodological supplements are still being published today. These annexes are as follows:
"Russian Language and Literature in Azerbaijan" [1] (1947)
“Teaching Azerbaijani Language and Literature” (1954)
“Teaching Physics and Mathematics” [2] (1954),
"Teaching Chemistry and Biology" (1956),
"Labor and Polytechnic Training" (1958),
“Teaching History, Publicity, Geography” (1964),
“Elementary and Preschool Education” (1970),
“Physical Education at School” (1976)
It should be noted that before the publication of additional methodological journals on subjects, new ideas in the field of methodology were only transmitted to the educational community through this journal.

“Azerbaijan Journalof Educational Studiesn” during the years of independence

In the early years of our independence, the Azerbaijan School magazine faced many problems and the threat of closure. Thanks to the course of continuous development of national leader Heydar Aliyev established in our country, it has created opportunities and conditions for the work of pedagogical media, including the "School of Azerbaijan", in all areas of education. Currently, the magazine makes a valuable contribution to the successful reform process in the education system of Azerbaijan. The attention and care of the state of Azerbaijan is the main focus of the published articles. The magazine has consistently featured articles on educational reform, as well as contemporary trends.
Activity Directions

Each of the articles in the magazine "Education Policy", "Pedagogy", "Methodology", "Curriculum", "Psychology", "History of Education", "International experience", "Educational technologies" Concept papers of the State Strategy for Education Development in the Republic of Azerbaijan, Strategic Roadmap for the Future of the National Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan taking into account the requirements, the current state of the international assessment of students enrolled in primary education in general education institutions, in international schools globally. encompasses the liberal perspectives of education and at the same time some of the important aspects of our educational history.

Famous who collaborate with the Journal

Famous Azerbaijani public opinion figures - Bekir Chobanzadeh, Mammad Said Ordubadi, Abdulla Shaig, Tagi Shahbazi Simurg, Uzeyir Hajibeyov, Mirza Ibrahimov, Mammad Arif, Mammad Jafar, Ashraf Huseynov, Mammadedam Shiradil, Zulfugarly, Mehdi Mehdizadeh, Ahmed Seyidov, Aghammad Abdullayev, Feyzulla Gasimzade, Hamid Arasli, Akbar Bayramov, Budag Budagov, Mardan Muradkhanov, Bashir Ahmedov, Yusif Talibov, Alihelder Hashimov, Ahmadov, Ahmad others have established close partnerships with the magazine and have conveyed their scientific ideas and pedagogical experience to readers through this magazine. In the 70-80s of the XX century the magazine "Azerbaijan school" was among the most influential pedagogical editions of the Soviet Union. Famous teachers of the former Soviet Union (USSR Minister of Education Mikhail Prokofiev, prominent Russian scientists, academics Yuri Babanski, Arthur Petrovski, Mirza Makhmutov, Vladimir Adoratski, Valeri Alekseyev, Aleksei Bodalyov, Vladimir Elavier Alexander Kotalikov, professors Peter Friedolin, Boris Komarovski, Pavel Jacobson, Mikhail Abramov, Alexei Amossov, Leb Itelson, Nadezhda Krupskaya, academician Alexander Makovelski, and academician Shalva Amanashvili from Georgia are systematically published in the pages of the magazine. ”And published scientific articles on their pages.

«History of education»
«Philosophy of education»
«International experience»
«Pedagogical psychology»
«Economics of education»
«Management of education»
«Curriculum, innovations»
«Methodology, best practices»
«New generation textbooks, new publications»

Editors of the Journal

The first editor-in-chief of the magazine was Mustafa Guliyev (1924-1928). Then Abbas Sultanov (1928-1929), Gilinjinski (1930), Mikayil Rahimli (1932), Panah Gasimov (1935-1936), Ismail Gasimov (1937-1940), Rustam Huseynov (late 1940), Lalazar Mustafayeva (1940). 1941-1943), A. Gafarli (1947), Rustam Huseynov (1948-1963), Akbar Mirzayev (1963-1974), Ajdar Agayev (1974-1981), Zahra Aliyeva (1981-2006), Najaf Najafov (2006) -2018). The editor-in-chief of the magazine is Rahil Najafov.

Members of the editorial board of the magazine

Dr. Rahil Najaf
Nasreddin Musayev
Tariyel Suleymanov
Dr. Galib Sharifov
Prof. Dr.  Elmina Kazimzade
Dr. Abulfaz Suleymanly
Prof. Dr. Intigam Jabrayilov
Prof. Dr. Leyla Ismailova
Dr. Sevinj Mammadova
Prof. Dr. Ulviya Mikayilova
Dr. Vefa Kazdal
Dr. Vefa Yagublu
Prof. Dr. Humeyir Ahmadov

Members of the International Editorial Board

Prod.Dr. Dear Sancar
Prof. Dr. Taylor Amanda
Prof. Dr. Anna Kirvalidze
Prof. Dr. Jafar Jafarov
Prof. Dr. Cihangir Dogan
Prof. Dr. Anvar Abbasov
Prof. Dr. Farrukh Rustamov
Prof. Dr. Hikmet Alizadeh
Prof. Dr. Huseyn Ahmadov
Prof. Dr.  Ilham Ahmadov
Prof. Dr. Ilham Mammadzadeh
Prof. Dr. Irfan Erdoğan
Prof. Dr. Jesus is babbling
Prof. Dr. Mahmut Chitil
Prof. Dr. Mauro Mocerino
Prof. Dr. Masud Efendiyev
Prof. Natalya Shevchenko
Prof. Dr. Selahaddin Khalilov
Prof. Dr. Tatiana Ryabova
Prof. Dr. Tatiana Vasilenko
Prof. Dr. Vagif Deyrushevich Bayramov
Prof. Dr. Valeriy Kirikuk
Prof. Dr. Yury Zinchenko

International scientific indexes

Since 2018, at the recommendation of the Ministry of Education, the journal introduces new standards for the development and adoption of articles, design and design. The journal is indexed in the prestigious international scientific indexes and, based on its traditions, is based on the fundamental scientific direction and the tendency for innovation. Currently, the journal, which has indexes ResearchGate, Index Copernicus, Google Scholar, CiteFactor, DOAJ, Index Copernicus International, Idealonline, COPE, is the reputable database of reputable scientific bases - SCOPUS, Web of Science, as well as reputable scientific articles in the field of pedagogy To be on the Social Science Citation list. To achieve this, the most important task is to publish scientific articles of world-renowned scholars, teachers with extensive teaching experience in Azerbaijan and around the world.