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Azərbaycan məktəbi

ISO Abbreviation: Azerbaijan J. Educ. Stud. 
Short Abbreviation: AJES; 
Other Title: Azărbai̐jan măktăbi.
Frequency: Quarterly; 
Publication Start Year: 1924
Country of Publication: The Republic of Azerbaijan
Publisher: The Ministry of Education of Republic of Azerbaijan
Latest Publisher: Azerbaijan S.S.R. Khalg Tăḣsili Nazirlii̐i.; Azerbaijan S.S.R. Maarif Nazirlii̐i. 
Language: English, Azerbaijani, Turkish and Russian 
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№ 1 /690, 2020

1. Title: Project-based learning
Lala Mammadova
2.Title: The role of self-audit in the organization and planning of management of secondary schools
Ilhama Asadova
3.Title: To study the methodology of the influence of mathematical problems on psychological development
Nurmuhammadi Samira
4.Title: The formation of a modern personality as a competent human model and the problem of ontological homelessness
Mammadkhan Mammadkhanli
5.Title: Criterion of modern morality as an educational identity creation - the problem of nation and nationalism.
Orhan Valiyev
6.Title: The Comparison of Work Values of Social Media Generations in terms of Giving Importance to Work and Obeying the Rules in Turkey
Aylin Tutgun Unal & Levent Deniz
7.Title:  Publishing regulations for an indexed scientific journal
Misir Mardanov & Aynur Hasanova

№ 4 /689, 2019 - Azarbaijan Maktabi

1. Title: The quality problem in education: from tradition to innovation
  DOI - Ilyasovpp.11-28
2. Title: Essence, main parameters and benefits of student-centered learning
  DOI - | Latifa Mammadova; pp.29-42
3. Title: Teaching L2 Conversation by Awareness-raising Activities: An Integrated Practice of EOP Course 
  DOI - Sunny Can Chenpp.43-56
4. Title: On the Implementation of Student-to-Student Tutoring (STST) in Azerbaijan
  DOI - | Saleh Jafarov; pp.57-64
5. Title: A Study on Z Generation’s Social Media Usage, Preference and Educational Usage in Turkey
  DOI - | Aylin Tutgun-Unalpp.65-82
6. Title: Development of economic thinking as a direction of modernization of modern Russian Education
  DOI - | Lubsky Andrey Alexandrovich; pp.83-94
7. Title: The critical role of competence-based education for sustainable development: an integrative literature review
  DOI - | Leyla Jabbarzade, Chilanay Safarlipp.95-106
8. Title: Scholarship, integrity and age; a critical review of the effect of age restriction on scholarship for applicant from developing countries
  DOI - Balogun Muhammed-Shittupp.107-122
9. Title: On the use of modern technological equipment and resources in teaching social disciplines
  DOI - | Narmina Mammadovapp.123-136
10. Title: Vocational consulting in the context of the philosophy of education 
  DOI - | Ahmet Alkayishpp.137-149