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Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies (AJES)

Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies
ISSN: 0134-3289
E-ISSN: 2617-8060
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ISO Abbreviation: Azerbaijan J. Educ. Stud. 
Short Abbreviation: AJES; 
Other Title: Azărbai̐jan măktăbi.
Frequency: Quarterly; 
Publication Start Year: 1924
Country of Publication: The Republic of Azerbaijan
Publisher: The Ministry of Education of Republic of Azerbaijan
Latest Publisher: Azerbaijan S.S.R. Khalg Tăḣsili Nazirlii̐i.; Azerbaijan S.S.R. Maarif Nazirlii̐i. 
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Volume 691, Issue 2, 2020

1. Title: Theoretical and practical problems of educating biology subject of teaching methods in higher pedagogical schools
 DOI - | Gulshan Hajiyeva, Nadir; 
2.Title: To study the methodology of the influence of mathematical problems on psychological development 
 DOI - | Nurmuhammadi Samira;

Volume 690, Issue 1, 2020

1.Title: Distance education in the pandemic period: a metaphor analysis
 DOI - | Konul Abasli, Sugra Jafarova; pp.10-26
2. Title: Project-based learning 
 DOI - Mammadova; pp.27-40
3.Title: The role of self-audit in the organization and planning of management of secondary schools 
 DOI - | Ilhama Asadova; pp.41-53
4.Title: The effect of the “Six-Minute Solution” on eliminating the errors of the students having difficulties in oral reading 
 DOI - Başar, Abdurrahman Gürbüz; pp.54-92
5.Title: A research on reading and library use habits of the international students studying in Turkey 
 DOI - | Rza Mammadov; pp.93-116
6.Title: Sociological and Psychopolitical Consequences of Loneliness: An Example of Istanbul  
 DOI - | Tuğba Aydın Öztürk, Ebulfez Suleymanli, Deniz Ükle Arıboğan; Hale Aslı Kılıç; pp.117-137
7.Title: Attention deficit and hyperactivity syndrome 
 DOI - | Rubaba Mardanova; pp.138-148
8.Title: The influence of conceptual cartoons on the perception of professional subjects
 DOI - | Gadir Gafarov; pp.149-162
9.Title: Writing and information literacy: Major steps to impede the use of unreliable sources for academic purposes
 DOI - Mammadova; pp.163-176
10.Title: The procedure for preparing an influential scientific journal
 DOI - Mardanov, Aynur Hasanova; pp.177-198
11.Title: The Comparison of Work Values of Social Media Generations in terms of Giving Importance to Work and Obeying the Rules in Turkey 
 DOI - | Aylin Tutgun Unal & Levent Deniz; pp.199-215 
12.Title: Readability levels of texts in the sixth grade Turkish text books
 DOI - Batur, Halil Ziya Ozcan; pp.217-230
13.Title: Mediating effects of reflexivity of top management team between team processes and decision performance 
 DOI - | Muhammad Talha, Dr. Sana Azeem, Mishal Sohail, Almas Javed, Rabia Tariq; pp.231-243