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"Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies"

"Азербайджанская школа"

The theoretical and pedagogical journal
 The Journal published quarterly online and print by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.  The first Volume of the Journal was published in 1924. 
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1924 - 1930 - the name of the Journal was "Yeni məktəb" (New School) . 1930 - 1943 years the name of the Journal was "Müəllimə kömək" (Help to teacher). Since 1943 uptodays is published under the name Azerbaycan Mektebi, international name - Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies  (AJES).  

Main Organization: Azerbaijan Baku, The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.  
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Languages: Azerbaijan, Russian, English, Turkish. Open Access for readers, authors and Institutions. 
Official registering and licensing information: The Journal was registered by the Ministry of Justice of  the Republic of Azerbaijan Registration № 11/3165  Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the journal is included in the list of publications that recommend publication of the main results of the theses (2015m, March 13 №05-R).  
Journal have not any article processing and any submission process charges. Institutional archives and publishers' own online archives are valid. The indicate formats of full text are available as PDF format. The journal does not allow the author(s) to hold the copyright without restrictions. 

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Short Story of AJES

-The Azerbaijani Journal of Educational Studies is the longest-running journal in the history of national pedagogical press. In 1924-1930 they graduated under the name "New School", in 1930-1943. - "Help to the teacher", and since 1943 has been called the "Azerbaijani school - Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies (AJES)".

- The Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies which turned 90 years old in 2014, is considered the most long-lasting in the history of the national press.

- First released in 1924 under the name "New School", since 1930, the magazine was called "Help to the Teacher", and since 1943 - "Azerbaijan School".

94 years
About the AJES Journal

Acting as a scientific-theoretical, pedagogical journal of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, “Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies” (AJES) has been serving the national education and pedagogical thought for 94 years. The journal publishes articles of representatives of the scientific community, teachers, psychologists about the problems, philosophy and history of education. Taking the standards of the journal “Web of Science” as the main direction, it is planned to publish articles on topical issues of education, research on best practices, significant world theoretical and conceptual problems. According to the decision of the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Journal of AJES is included in the list of publications in which publication of the main results of the theses is recommended, and also awarded the Mehdi Mehdizade Prize.

Special issues

Beginning in the late 40s and early 50s of the last century, a number of supplements were printed for the Journal. These methodical collections were constantly in the center of attention as an encyclopedic collection of pedagogical and methodological knowledge. Some of these collections (“Primary School and Preschool Education”, “Teaching the Azerbaijanian Language and Literature”, “Teaching Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics”) continue to this day as an independent publication.

 "Azerbaijani Journal of Educational Studies" in the years of independence.

In the early years of Azerbaijan’s independence, the Azerbaijan journal of Educational Studies faced many problems and even the threat of closure. Only after the return of the national leader Heydar Aliyev to the leadership by the will of the people and the establishment of a stable situation and a course of constant development in the country, did the opportunity and conditions for the activities of pedagogical printed media (as well as many other branches of education), including the Azerbaijan School magazine . Today the journal contributes to the reforms successfully carried out by the education system of Azerbaijan. The main component of articles published in the journal is support by the state and the government of Azerbaijan to the education system. "Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies" is issued 6 times a year. The magazine contains articles on educational reforms, as well as trends in modern development. Also in the journal are noted and, from time to time, employees of the Ministry of Education, rectors of universities, famous faces of science and education share their thoughts and arguments with readers.


- The journal played a leading role in updating the education system, improving the quality of discipline, promoting progressive methods and methods of teaching, educating the young generation in the spirit of national traditions, and disseminating best practices.
- The collection in its pages pays attention to schools of a new type, articles summarizing the experience of creative teachers of secondary and higher educational institutions, and also presents to readers the advanced experience of developed countries and materials on international relations.
- In the first half of the last century, much attention was paid to the issues of education and training methods in the country
- For the main course, the magazine kept helping teachers and schools, and later began also to publish collections of other subjects.

94 Years 
The Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies played a significant role in disseminating ideas and experiences to republican schools developed by eminent scientists, research teams and leading teachers of the former Union. Among academicians Mamed Arif, Feyzulla Gasimzade, Hamid Arasli, Mamed Jafar, Ashraf Huseynov, Mamedaga Shiraliyev, from the corresponding member Abdulazal Damirchizade by language, Abbasgulu Abbaszade for physics, Magsud Javadov for mathematics, and including on methodological issues Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Mehdi Mehdizade, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences Ahmad Seyidov, Professor Agamed Abdullayev collaborated with the Journal and shared their invaluable experience with him.


Chief editors of the magazine

- Rustam Huseynov (1951-)
- Bagir Bagirov
- Azhdar Agayev (1974-1981)
- Zahra Aliyeva (24 years old)
- Majid Ismihanov
- Akbar Mirzaev
- Najaf Najafov

Over the years, the chief editors of the journal were such prominent enlighteners as Rustam Huseynov, Akbar Mirzaev, Azhdar Agayev, Zahra Aliyeva and Najaf Najafov. 

To date, the chief editor of the Journal is Rahil Najafov.


“Russian language and literature in Azerbaijan” (1947)

"Azerbaijan language and literature teaching" (1954)

"Physics and Mathematics Teaching" (1954)

"Chemistry and Biology Teaching" (1956)

Labor and Polytechnic Training (1958)

"History, Community, Geography Teaching" (1964)

"Elementary and Pre-school Education" (1970)

"Physical Education at School" (1976)

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