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Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies ("Azərbaycan məktəbi" - in Azerbaijan language; "Азербайджанская школа" - in Russian Language) is an theoretical and pedagogical, peer-reviewed open access academic international journal published quarterly online and print by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.  The first Volume of the Journal was published in 1924. During 1924 - 1930 years the name of the Journal was "Yeni məktəb" (New School) . İn 1930 - 1943 years the name of the Journal was "Müəllimə kömək" (Help to teacher). Since 1943 uptodays this academic educational Journal is published under the name Azerbaycan Mektebi, that is to say Azerbaijan School (Azerbaijan Journal of Educational StudiesEng. (shortened-AJES)) - "Azərbaycan məktəbi". The publisher Organization of the Journal is The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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